Sick Day…

I had to call out of work today.  I hardly ever do it – too much to do when I get back, and then what was the point of being out anyway?? But, my body and the doctor disagreed with me, so home it is.  Angry sinuses and fever probably wouldn’t make me a stellar teacher anyway!

You know what would cheer me up though? I pretty little card like this!feel better flowers1

This card uses the Everyday Button Bits stamp set I wrote about a few days ago.  I will say it again… looooooooooove this set.  I have a button obsession now!

Here are a few more shots of the card.

feel better flowers3


feel better flowers4


feel better flowers2

Along with buttons, this card has a bunch of my other faves – polka dots and scallops.  I decorated the envelope with a teeny tiny flower stamp.

I think I should make a few million of these since the cold/flu season is starting up, and if you have the sniffles like me, you definitely need a little cheering up!

This card and more available in my Etsy store, Papered with Love.

Here’s to hoping that this card cheered you up a little too – whether you have the sniffles or just needed a smile!


Who do you want to paper with love?



  1. Hey Stephanie, this is Ashley (Shulstad) Sheehan….from your TKE and XO days. I just saw this link from your Facebook page. I have always loved crafting cards, although I’ve never sold them or anything. It’s more of just a hobby. But I’ve never seen such beautiful cards as the ones you are making! I just wanted to leave you a little note to tell you how great these are and how creative you are! Hope you and your hubs are doing well. It’s been so long since we’ve seen you guys!

    • Aww Ashley it SO good to hear from you!!! We miss you guys – how have you been?

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