Autumn Wishes – Day 5

Hope everyone is having a happy Friday! Although it is Friday the 13th.  I know, I know… I shouldn’t be superstitious!  But, I have been working with kids for the past 7 years and something a little crazy always happens on Friday the 13th.  That and full moons. 

Today is my last day in my Autumn card series.  I saved a simple but sweet autumn colored card for my last day.  I like making sweet little cards full of fun details, but that can be reproduced easily.  I am all about the assembly line process. One day, I’ll try to photograph my process.

autumn tree1

Check out that white natural textured cardstock.  I found that at Office Max one day on a trip for padded envelopes for shipping out my Etsy purchases.  I got it in the white and ivory colors.  I can’t stop using it!  I love the subtle detailing it offers versus just plain white or vanilla paper.

This card features Stampin’ Up’s Crushed Curry card stock.  It is this awesome goldenrod yellow that is SO Fall.  I used my trick again of cutting out the trunk of the tree so it lines up perfectly AND adds a fun detail.

One of my readers told me the other day that she like how I use a lot of buttons (Hi Lynn! 🙂 ). I LOVE buttons.  There is just something so homey and crafty about them.  They add a detail that brads or eyelets just can’t quite do.  This card features a small group of buttons in shades of brown ranging from a cream to a rich chocolate. 

I have this card available for purchase as a single card or as a set of 4 cards in my Etsy store, Papered with Love.

Here are some pictures of the set of cards.

autumn tree3

autumn tree4

Here’s the set, all packaged up for a cute little gift. 

And here is one last shot of the card!

autumn tree2

You can see the decorated envelope peeking out behind it.

I do have some good news!  My husband and I will be going for a week trip to Tennessee to experience a little bit of Fall ourselves.  We are truly blessed to both be teachers and have a week off for Thanksgiving/Fall break, so we are taking some time for ourselves to recharge our batteries.  We both have had some challenging students this year and have taken on additional professional responsibilities so have been wearing a little thin.  This trip will be just what we need – I am hoping for a little bit of snow, myself! 🙂 We are coming up on the one-week countdown for our trip!

Happy Friday – enjoy the start of your weekend!

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