Autumn Wishes – Day 5

Hope everyone is having a happy Friday! Although it is Friday the 13th.  I know, I know… I shouldn’t be superstitious!  But, I have been working with kids for the past 7 years and something a little crazy always happens on Friday the 13th.  That and full moons. 

Today is my last day in my Autumn card series.  I saved a simple but sweet autumn colored card for my last day.  I like making sweet little cards full of fun details, but that can be reproduced easily.  I am all about the assembly line process. One day, I’ll try to photograph my process.

autumn tree1

Check out that white natural textured cardstock.  I found that at Office Max one day on a trip for padded envelopes for shipping out my Etsy purchases.  I got it in the white and ivory colors.  I can’t stop using it!  I love the subtle detailing it offers versus just plain white or vanilla paper.

This card features Stampin’ Up’s Crushed Curry card stock.  It is this awesome goldenrod yellow that is SO Fall.  I used my trick again of cutting out the trunk of the tree so it lines up perfectly AND adds a fun detail.

One of my readers told me the other day that she like how I use a lot of buttons (Hi Lynn! 🙂 ). I LOVE buttons.  There is just something so homey and crafty about them.  They add a detail that brads or eyelets just can’t quite do.  This card features a small group of buttons in shades of brown ranging from a cream to a rich chocolate. 

I have this card available for purchase as a single card or as a set of 4 cards in my Etsy store, Papered with Love.

Here are some pictures of the set of cards.

autumn tree3

autumn tree4

Here’s the set, all packaged up for a cute little gift. 

And here is one last shot of the card!

autumn tree2

You can see the decorated envelope peeking out behind it.

I do have some good news!  My husband and I will be going for a week trip to Tennessee to experience a little bit of Fall ourselves.  We are truly blessed to both be teachers and have a week off for Thanksgiving/Fall break, so we are taking some time for ourselves to recharge our batteries.  We both have had some challenging students this year and have taken on additional professional responsibilities so have been wearing a little thin.  This trip will be just what we need – I am hoping for a little bit of snow, myself! 🙂 We are coming up on the one-week countdown for our trip!

Happy Friday – enjoy the start of your weekend!

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Autumn Wishes – Day 2

Here is Day 2 of my Autumn themed blog posts.  Today, I am featuring a fun card with a row of whimsical pumpkins.

autumn greetings row of pumpkins1

This card has a lot of fun little details.  The main card base is a naturally textured ivory cardstock.  I love all of the little flecks of plant pieces and colors.  The pumpkins have been paper pieced (stamped onto other paper and then cut out and glued on another stamped image) from a distressed orange patterned paper.  The pumpkins were shadowed on the ivory cardstock to provide additional dimension.

Underneath the main image, the sentiment “autumn greetings” was stamped in rich chocolate ink and has a vintage green button on either side of it.  Fun patterned papers and a scalloped edge all combine to form this cute little card.

Here are a few more shots.autumn greetings row of pumpkins2

autumn greetings row of pumpkins3

This card is available as a single card or as a set of 4 cards in my shop, Papered with Love.

Here are some pictures of the set of cards.

autumn greetings row of pumpkins4

autumn greetings row of pumpkins5

See you tomorrow with more Autumn cards!

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Autumn Wishes – Day 1

Living in Florida I don’t get to see many seasonal changes.  We have summer and sort of winter.  But I love Fall.  The colors, leaves changing, cooler weather, and the start of the holiday season all make me HAPPY.  Thanksiving is coming and with that the beginning of the Christmas season (although if you go to any store, it apparently started in the middle of October!!), so I thought I would spend the next week highlighting some Autumn themed cards and card sets. And so I can live Fall vicariously through my cards instead of roasting in 80+ degrees and humidity.

This first card I am sharing has a little bit of everything I love about fall.  The colors of leaves changing and the wonderful feel of nature during this time of year.

autumn greetings leaf1

This card has a ton of neat details.  The background was dry embossed with a branch image to add a little bit more texture to the natural ivory cardstock.  The falling leaf was stamped and then colored with orange and yellow Copic markers (P.S. I LIVE for these markers.  AMAZING.) The sentiment has been punched out and then stamped tone on tone with an oak branch image.  A strip of olive green card stock and an olive green button tie it all together.

I love how the over all feel of the card is simple, but it is full of rich details. Here are a few more views of the card.

autumn greetings leaf2

autumn greetings leaf3

Can you see all of the dimension on this card? Between the dry embossing and how they layers have been popped up you have a very luxurious feel to this card.

I have this card available as a single card or as a set of 4 cards in my Etsy shop, Papered with Love.

Here’s a picture of all 4 cards lined up… so fun!

autumn greetings leaf4

And the set of 4 all packaged up.  What a perfect gift for an autumn birthday or for your Thanksgiving hostess.

autumn greetings leaf5

Check back tomorrow for some more Autumn themed cards and card sets!

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Last in the Series

Here is the last in my series of cards inspired from a card I saw on Splitcoast Stampers.  You can view my two previous posts here and here

This version, as I said yesterday, is my favorite.  It’s never to early to start to get ready for Christmas, and this is a simple, sweet card to share your holiday joy with your loved ones.  It has the same layout as the two previous posts, but includes a few more details.  Call it the older sister of my two previous posts if you will. 🙂

joy to the world1

The background of this card has been stamped tone on tone with snowflakes to add a bit more texture and interest.  The main image piece has been backed with red cardstock.  The same rounded corners, crimped edge, and button accent all tie together to form this simple, rustic Christmas card.

This card is available for purchase as a set of 4 cards or as a single card in my Etsy store, Papered with Love

Here is a shot of all 4 cards grouped together.

joy to the world4

All of the cards feature the sentiment “joy to the world”.  I think this sweet little card will do just that!

Here are a few more detail shots of the cards.

joy to the world2

In this one you can see the envelope flap has crimped to echo the crimped edge of the image on the card.  I love that sweet detail!

joy to the world3

And this one shows the dimension of the card.  I think it is so neat to see the detail of the card from the side.

I wanted to take a moment to show you all how I package up my card sets.  All sets of cards are packaged in a clear plastic card box to protect the cards during shipping, provide a great way to keep your cards together, and allow for you to give a set of cards as a fun, thoughtful gift.

joy to the world5

I hope you all have enjoyed this series!  Be on the look out for my postings soon!


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Second in a Series

Well, I am back with the second set of cards in this series of simple cards, full of fun details and textures.  Today I am showing you a card that is similar to my posting from yesterday.  The overall layout is the same, but I chose to use colors inspired by fall. 

autumn tree1

I used a special technique on the leaves of this tree stamp called Rock and Roll to get the dual coloration of golden yellow and rusty orange.  The leaves image was first stamped in the golden yellow color and then the edges of the image were rolled in the rust colored ink.  So simple, but what a neat detail!

The card combines rounded corners, a crimped edge, a rich chocolate button, and dotted ribbon to create a simple card with subtle detailing.

I also made a set of 4 of these cards each featuring a different sentiment. Here’s a shot of all 4 cards in the set.

autumn tree3

I love seeing all of these cards lined up!  Here are a few detail shots of a single card.

autumn tree4

autumn tree2

This set of cards is available for purchase here at my Etsy store, Papered with Love.

Tomorrow I will share with you my last set of cards in this series.  I saved my favorite for last! 🙂

Hope you all are enjoying a happy Saturday!


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First in a Series

I get inspiration for my cards from a ton of places.  My husband probably gets sick of me saying “that would make a GREAT card!” wherever we go.  But, one of the best places that I get card ideas from is Splitcoast Stampers, an amazing website that caters to rubber stampers. 

Sometimes, I find a card for inspiration and what I create is completely different from what I originally saw.  Sometimes, I will do a pretty literal interpretation of the card but change it up a bit. I found this card and tweaked it a bit to make it my own and add a few of the subtle details that I love.

This is what I came up with.gingham tree1

This card is simplicity at its best.  Rounded corners, a cheerful button, a crimped edge, and fun gingham ribbon all combine with whimsical tree to send cheerful wishes.  I went ahead and created a set of 4 cards with these same details, but each on features a different sentiment.   Here is a picture of all 4 cards together.gingham tree3

I love how cheerful they look lined up together!  Here are some more detail shots of a single card.gingham tree2

gingham tree4

One of my favorite touches on these cards is the ivory cardstock used.  It is a natural textured cardstock that has flecks of plant material inside of it.  Love it!

This card set is available for purchase here, at my Etsy shop Papered with Love.

Now, I couldn’t just stop there, could I?  For the next few days you’ll see my series of cards that I created all inspired by the original card on Splitcoast Stampers.  Hope you enjoy these paper beauties!

Happy Friday!


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Merry and Bright Christmas Wishes

I know… it’s not even Halloween yet, but this is the time to start planning for Christmas!  I love this card.  It had lots of fun, luxurious details that make it all up. 

merry and bright1

I feel like I could sing the “Favorite Things” song about this card!  It has texture, glitter, ribbon, and buttons – what more can a girl as for???

This card features a really neat stamp set that has tons of different ornaments to hang from a pine branch.  This striped round ornament is on of my favorites!  I highlighted the striped portion by putting a piece of sticky strip over the stripes and then pouring on some Martha Stewart fine crystal glitter.  This strip is SO sticky that none of the glitter moves!

The bottom half of the card has been dry embossed with snowflakes, and then a strip of red cardstock with a glittery stripe brings attention to the main image.  Everything is all tied together with a shimmery red organza bow with a vintage green button on top.

Look at all of those cute details!merry and bright2

merry and bright3


This card is available for purchase in my Etsy store in two ways!  First, as an individual card here, Merry & Bright Handmade Card and as a set of cards here, Merry & Bright Set of 4 Handmade Cards.

Here is a picture of the set of cards.  I package them up in a clear card box that not only serves as additional protection while shipping the cards, but allows for this set to also be a cute little gift.  I think that these would be an awesome gift for anyone who loves pretty stationary and cards!

merry and bright4

And here is a shot of all 4 of these beauties all lined up!

merry and bright5

Happy Monday, friends!  Hope your’s is merry and bright!


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