Card Sketch #1

When I haven’t created in a while I usually turn to a card sketch to get me inspired.  I looked and looked, but I couldn’t find anything that I liked! So I created my own… I do this from time to time, but really enjoyed this sketch, so I wanted to share it and show you how many different ways you can use the same sketch and get a wide variety of cards.

Here’s the sketch.

This is the first card I made with this card sketch. 

This is always the stamp set I fall back on if I am in a rut… It is Everyday Button Bits from Papertrey Ink.  Then, I dug through all of my papers and pulled out some fun red printed papers that would go with the patriotic theme I was wanting to showcase. Some fun punches, a few buttons and then it all comes together.  Here’s a close up of the button cherries and sentiment on a punched out of kraft cardstock.

 If you’re interested in this card it is available for purchase in my Etsy store here – You’re So Sweet Thank You card.

I’ll be showing you over the next few days the other cards I made using this sketch. 

Hope you all are having a great day!


Hello world!

So… I fell off the face of the earth.  We moved into the perfect little bungalow and that overtook our lives.  I learned how to refinish furniture and spray paint became my best friend (there’s a slight chance that I am STILL smelling the fumes from the weeks of spray paint use!).

 Then it was the tunnel to the end of the school year.  We had a slew of visitors, our first BBQ and all of a sudden I realized I hadn’t made any cards since February and it was JUNE for goodness sakes!! I was super crafty last weekend, and have updated the store again.  I am working on a series of blog posts on using the same layout to create different varieties of cards. But in the mean time, here are some pictures of our humble home!

This is probably one of the best pictures of the front of the house.  I love the angle that my husband (aka the PwL photographer extraordinaire) used for this picture.

Here is our living room with a shot of the coffee table we refinished.

This is the view from our dining room into the living room.

That is an original built-in from 1937!  I refinished our dining room table and chairs by painting their bases white to match the built-in.

The kitchen… on top of crafting I love to cook and bake.

Sorry it has been so quiet around here… but I promise Papered with Love is back in a big way for this summer!

Where have I been?

It’s been totally silent over here.  Probably not even any crickets chirping.  But I can explain.  See this sweet, amazing, little perfect bungalow?

On April 1st it’s ours! Our teeny apartment will be a thing of the past! We’ll still be renters, but there’s also a possibility of purchase in the future.  Just what we are looking for!

So… we have been living on Craigslist, thrift stores, and second-hand furniture stores.  We are totally becoming DIY as much as possible.  The house we are moving into was built in 1937 and we feel the need to honour its craftsman heritage by embracing hand crafted and homemade (or changed!) pieces. I’ll be posting some things we have been working on soon.

Hope everything is going well for all of you!

Customer Feedback

Hi everyone!

I hope everything is going well in your worlds!  Mine has been busy (as usual!), but I wanted to take a moment to recognize one of my new, sweet customers who blogged about her order!

You can check out her entry here!

Nothing makes this craft as worthwhile as someone appreciating your handiwork!

Thank you so much, Paige! You were a total joy to have as a customer!!

A Beautiful Card that Never Was…

(Sigh). I love paper crafting.  Bordering on a possible obsession according to my husband. But sometimes the thought that what makes up my creations is well, paper, is very depressing.

Enter The Great Soda Incident of 2010. 

I had crafted all morning, took pictures of my creations, edited them for size, and was beginning to post my cards to my Etsy store.  I keep my cards close by so I can write appropriate descriptions of my cards – smart, right? Unless, perhaps your husband has moved your drink closer to you because he is that sweet and caring and you don’t know it.  And you stretch out your feet and SPLASH.  Coke every where.  All over the coffee table. The carpet. My cards. My phone (baby Blackberry is fine – she was rescued quickly by a quick thinking husband, but not by a depressed crafter who was shouting “NO MY CARDS!!!!!!”).

So, this card and its identical sisters were killed. At least I have photos to recreate it, right?  Or maybe, just maybe, we should let her memory rest in peace.

So pretty.  Hubbin’ described it as very artsy.  I just had a ton of fun combining heart stamps and papers.  Here are some more views of the card.

Let us all have a moment of silence for her and remember her in her glory – not in her sticky, soda covered end.

So Sorry and a non card Paper Project

I know. Over two months have passed since I updated.  I could spend a paragraph or two explaining all the reasons, but the easy response is, real life and the holidays took over.  I haven’t stamped or created since before Christmas.  I am in a rut I am  s  l  o  w  l  y    trying to break out of, but thought I would share with you all a noncard creation.  I found this tutorial here and was seriously inspired (Sidenote – you MUST check out this blog if you enjoy DIY and easy home decorating ideas).  My husband and I are HUGE readers. HUGE.  He teaches English and I teach Exceptional Student Education  so our basic goal in life is to inspire a love of words with children.  What better way to show our love than with a book page wreath???

I followed the tutorial and for only $2 have created an awesome piece of art.  My husband officially gave it his stamp of approval and our Christmas wreath has been replaced.

Check it out!

(Please forgive the TV being on.  I am sure it was some mindless drivel like Real Housewives of the OC.  My guilty pleasure is reality TV)

Here are some close ups and different angles of the wreath.

I really don’t think this looks like an old book, some acrylic paint, a styrofoam wreath form, and hot glue.  Love it!

I promise you all I am creating and more will be coming to the Etsy store and the blog.

Hope everyone is having a very happy New Year!

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